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Blast through heaps of Roman soldiers in our action shooter “VVV” !

Your mission ? Wipe any trace of temporal tempering done by a malevolent organization that gave technology to the Roman Empire in their quest for world domination. It goes without saying that you have the license “Wreck Everything”, the cleanup crew will take care of the details !

With our innovative aiming system for gamepads, relive those cheesy and explosive action movies from the 90s while breaking stuff in a realistic and vibrant “south of France” Provence setting !



Details :
Developer : Team PUGET
Release : May 2021
Game Platform : PC
PEGI : 16

Credits :

ARTFX Students

Jorys ABADIE : Rigger - Animator - Character Artist - UI Artist
Paul ARTIGE : AI Designer - Technical Game Designer
Morgan CAMENEN : Lead Game Artist - Environment Artist - Concept Artist - UI Artist - Level Builder
Camille CARLIEZ : UX Designer - System Designer - UI Designer
Lucas DZIURA : Technical Artist - Weapon Artist
Jonas FELIX : Technical Artist - Lighting Artist - VFX Artist
Victor GIROUX : Gameplay Programmer - Tool Programmer
Arthur JAMES : UX Designer - System Designer - Lead Game Designer - UI Designer
Loïc LECOMTE : Level Designer - Level Builder
Eddy NJIKI : Auxiliary Developer

Thanks Audioworkshop for the sounddesign

Louise JEANSON : Sound Designer
Pierre RAMEY : Sound Designer
Floriane MOREL : Sound Designer
Mikee GOODMAN : Voice Actor

Thanks to Victor LANDIER : Auxiliary VFX Artist


1 - Unzip the folder
2 - Prefered : plug an Xbox One Controller
3 - Launch vVv.exe
4 - Enjoy & comment!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorArtFX School
GenreShooter, Action
Tags3D, FPS, nature, Unreal Engine




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Also, not that I wanna sound technical but, what's the specs for this game like the highest resolution and framerate it can go to get the full experience?

This has the potential of becoming a full game. Make it happen!


Love eerything about the game. It looks and plays good. My only problems is that it is tooooooo short. Would love to see this as a full lenght game.

Great work.

Is there any way to change the controls from QZSD to WASD??

Yes. You have to download the french keyboard for windows or whatever platform you are using.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks, worked perfectly.

Installer doesn't work from within the itch client...


Все дуже погано


Impressive game and physics. 

Thanks a lot for your feedback !


Cant seem to get it to recognise WASD, also ran into an error where it couldn't allocate texture memory - any ideas for a fix?

Looks fantastic can't wait to properly play!


Thank you for taking interest in our game :D !

As we were short on time we did not implement key rebinding, you can add a french keyboard on windows 10 under "edit language and keyboard options" if you really want to play with a mouse and keyboard, but keep in mind that the game's controls were entirely designed around game-pads :)

As for the memory allocation issue, the Internet says that there's a quick fix for that: "Go to control panel>System>Advanced System Settings Advanced and enable virtual memory to system managed then reboot."

Hope this'll work fine for you, have fun !

Arthur James, Game Designer.