A downloadable game for Windows

Prototype for Game Jam "Ma thèse en jeu vidéo" - March 25, 2018

Project lead by Genopolys with ArtFX, Labex Epigenmed,  CNRS, INSERM, Science Animation and école doctorale cbs2 



In this platformer, it is necessary to get back neurons as quickly as possible to make rise the level of sAPPa while avoiding making rise the level of Amyloides.


Developer : Team Les oubliés - Montpellier (France)
Release : March 2018
Game plateform : PC
Genre : Platformer
Language : English


Hugo Payan/Doctorant IGF

Gaspard Eicher/ Game Artist

Thibaud Hernandez/Game Designer

Loic Rodewald/Game designer

Trystan Sarrade/Game Artist

Sarah Testardo/ Réalisation Numérique

Steven Zamel/ Game Designer

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder

2 - Launch The-Forgotten-Jeu.exe

3 - Enjoy!


The-Forgotten-Jeu.7z 67 MB

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