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Shutter is a Graduation Video Game Prototype - April, 2022



In Shutter you play as Keith, a new employee that has arrived at the mysterious research center L.I.E. (Learn, Investigate and Exploit). Explore and solve puzzles with a camera that modifies objects using perspective. All in a space-age inspired setting.


  • Developer: ARTFX 2022
  • Release: April 2022
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Puzzle Adventure
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: English / French / Spanish
  • Target: 12+


ARTFX 2022





1 - Unzip the folder

2 - Launch .exe

3 - Enjoy & comment!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorArtFX School
GenrePuzzle, Action, Adventure
Tags3D, Perspective, Singleplayer


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Everything is amazing but the ending feels like something is missing. Are you going to continue the development of the game? It's really portal style but different in a good way.


Thank you for your comment, we are happy that you enjoyed the game ! Since it's a end of studies project, there will be no following to Shutter.

Are you working on a new project?


No, we have teamed up only for this project as students


Shutter is now available on Steam!

Google Drive folder is empty

Fantastic indie puzzler, very colorful retro scifi look (60s-70s) and a core mechanic very similar to 'Superliminal' but taken in another direction and made third person. No idea why more people aren't seeing that this game exists - whatever team made this GOOD, FREE game should be getting more attention than this!

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J'étais très curieux de découvrir Shutter, un subtil mélange de Portal et Superliminal et j'ai été conquis. La DA (je me trompe peut-être) avec cette architecture des années 60 est très réussi. Bref j'ai passé une superbe expérience, j'aimerais beaucoup en voir plus. Le potentiel est très présent. Bravo à toustes pour le jeu!

Nous sommes ravis que le jeu vous ait plu :D


This game includes OpenVR(OpenXR) & Oculus Plugins, making it launch the SteamVR environment when it is not needed for the game,
Deleting the plugins causes a fatal error and does not allow me to run this game without having to unplug all my VR Hardware, this can be easily disabled in the Unreal Engine editor under the plugins..

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Hello Shinter! I'll look into it and make an update. Thank for letting us know. ^^

* This bug was fixed in July 15 *

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Moi qui adore absolument les jeux basés sur la perspective et les aberrations dimensionnelles, autant dire que j'ai été servi !

Franchement, un grand grand bravo à toute l'équipe qui a travaillé sur ce projet, il ne manquait plus qu'un petit tour dans les coulisses afin de voir l'envers du décor; quand on joue à un jeu, on ne se rend pas forcement compte du travail abattu pour en arriver là ! ☺️

Bravo à tous ! 😀

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Merci beaucoup !


Somewhere in-between Portal (gameplay) and Prey (art direction)... pretty cool!

Thank you :D

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95/100 GREAT