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REKT is a Graduation Video Game Prototype - June, 2019


You are Synthia, an aggressive and muscular synthwave car. She has a mind of her own like KITT from Knight Rider or John Carpenter’s Christine. Your mission as Synthia is to stop an invasion by retro 80s electronics gadgets to save the town of Neo-Oslo.

Gameplay :


Developer : VROUM Studio (Student Project) at ArtFX – Montpellier (France)
Release : June 2019
Game plateform : PC
Genre : Racing / Tower Defense
Language : English
Classification : PEGI 12 (Not Officialy Rated)  


FOURNIER Antoine – Producer Management/Game Design/Communication  
BEAUGELIN Timothé – 3D Artist Technical Art/Gameplay Programmer/Car Modelisation  
LANDIER Victor – 3D Artist FX/Lighting  
CHANE-HUNE Thomas –2D Artist UI Artist  
BRULARD Nicolas – 2D Artist Communication Assets/2D Assets  
BABIKIAN Lionel – 2D Artist Creature Design  
 DEBOUT Samuel – Sound Designer Sound Design/Music  
MINGAM Antonin – Sound Designer Sound Design  
SCHABO Léa – Voice Actress Synthia Voices

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder

2 - Launch the “.exe” file.

3 - Enjoy and comment!




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Try it, quite good, but only one track, i want more about this game