A downloadable orbital rush


Follow Brutus, Kida, Owli and Amber through three crazy mini-games in a colorful futuristic universe !
Embark your companions in wild games of 2 to 4 players.
Who’s gonna be the best Rusher ?

Trailer :


Developer : Game 3 – Montpellier (France)
Release : July 2020
Game plateform : PC (with controllers)
Genre : Minigames / Action
Language : English


Joris Doucet - Producer
Ludovic Oddi - Artistic Director
Lucas Gille - Lead Game Designer
Paolo Dupuy - Lead Environment Artist
Clothilde Chopin - Lead Character Artist & Rigging Artist
Constantin Amouroux - Character Artist
Thomas Bruyneel - Lead Props Artist
Antoine Borde, Mathilde Durand et Vincent Medeiros - Props Artist
Corentin Zimmermann - Lead UI Artist
Lisa Ros - UI Artist
Samuel Hoareau - Lead FX Artist
Klara Goetz - FX Artist
Allan Magagnosc - Lead Texture Artist
Amandine Marest - Lead Gameplay Animator
Paola Gibernau, Lucie Hennet et Guihem Perez - Gameplay Animator
Henri Bessou, Gabriel Garcia et Thomas Le Roux - Game Designer
Said Aboudou Mamadou, Clara Lopez et Axel Somsy - Game Designer
Cyril Paradol, Wiliam Dupis et Brice Berrier - Sound Designer

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AuthorArtFX School
TagsFunny, minigames, orbital, party-game, rush, Sci-fi, Space, Versus


Orbital Rush.zip 614 MB

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder

2 - Launch the “.exe” file.

3 - Enjoy and comment!

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