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- Pitch : OptiRun is an Endless runner game inspired by “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfer” gameplay.The game is in a low poly style like “Unrailed” or “Yland” artistic direction

- Synopsis : A kid doesn’t want to wear glasses, so he will try to escape the ophthalmologist by running through a crowded city and avoiding obstacles.

- Game platform : Mobile

Kind of project: School project for Genopolys


-Developer : Les Optichiens

- Release :January 2020

- Genre : Endless Runner

- Language : French

- Classification : PEGI  3 


-Producing :


-Game Design : 

Paul ARTIGE (System Design)

Thibaud HERNANDEZ (System Design / QA)

Loïc RODEWALD (System Design / QA)

Steven ZAMEL ( Content Design / QA)

- Game Art :  Morgan Camenen (Artistic Director)

Apolline Schweitzer (Environment)

Nathanael Dahan (Environment)

Jules Jacob (Character / Animations)

Ambre Kaminski ( Animations )

Benjamin Ba (FX / UI)

- Sound Design  : Maxime Engel : 

Sound Design / Music

Christian Zerilli : Sound Design

Install instructions

1- Unzip the folder

2- Connect the phone to the PC

3 - On the phone, open the “File” > “Storage Data” > “Android” 

4 - On the PC, Drag & Drop the Android Folder on the “Android” folder on the phone 

5 - Install the apk on the phone

6 - Enjoy !


Optirun.zip 225 MB

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