A downloadable game for Android


Title  Ocularium

Short description: Mobile Puzzle Game

Kind of project: School project for Genopolys



Understand the Eye by building it! Add and edit pieces in a 2D editor and see the results in realtime with your phone’s camera! Understand the mechanics with Tutorials, have fun in the Sandbox mode and learn more about the Parts through an inbuilt Encyclopedia.


Developer: Bof Entertainment

Release: January 2020

Game platform: Android 8.0 Smartphones

Genre: Puzzle

Languages: French

Classification: Serious Game


Producer: Eddy Alain Njiki

Game Design & Programming: Bastien Cruette, Lucas Garnier, Mateusz Jasinski, Hugo Roudier, Steven Zamel

Game Art: Eva Barbe, Charlène Dubourg

Lead audio/Sound designer: Tom Douault

Sound Designer: Cyril Paradol

Music Composer: Cyril Peron-Dehghan


Ocularium.apk 31 MB


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I was interested in trying this but I can't read french so, sorry. 😅