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In Minerys, you are Lionel, the doctoral student who is working on the pollution due to old mine exploitation. You have to look for metal deposit and find a way to decontaminate them, before they pollute the rivers in order to preserve the safety of the region.


Developer : “Les Métalleux”
Release : April 2019
Game plateform : PC
Genre : Serious Game
Language : French
Classification : PEGI 7 (not officially rated)


Lionel Babikian - Art director / Menus
Henri Bessou - Character / GUI Artist
Lionel Ebengue - Doctorant / Game Designer
Lucas Garnier - Game Designer / Programmer


MinerysV2.zip 109 MB

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder

2 - Open Win64 folder

3 - Launch Minerys.exe

4 - Enjoy and comment!

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