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Embody Angelina and wander through a dreamlike world composed of her shattered memories.

Get up from your throne and go explore your past which is symbolised by musical notes you have to collect. 

Try to get them all to rebuild Angelina's memories while you can appreciate re-orchestrated music from the original play !



Release:          December 2021 

Platform:       PC / Arcade

Genre:              Puzzle, Platformer

Language:    French


Opéra Orchestre national Montpellier Occitanie
Valérie CHEVALIER (Publishing Director)
Audrey BRAHIMI (Digital Projects and Communications)

ARTFX students
Agathe Gimeno - Producing
Jordan Gardais - Producing
Albéric Poulignier - Lead Game Design, Level Design, Programming
Paul Arnaud - Game Design, Level Design, Programming
Félix Chevrel - Game Design, Level Design, Programming, SFX, VFX
Raphaël Garcia - Lead Game Art, Enviro, Tech Art, Props
Jean Fernandez - Character Design and Art, UI, Promotional Art
Léo Pépin-Lehalleur - Animations, VFX, Props
Pauline Helary - Character Design and Art, Props
Karine Amadou - VFX

Federica Alfano - Sound design
Victor Malcey - Music

To the ARTFX team.
In collaboration with Opéra Orchestre national Montpellier Occitanie
In partnership with MAAAV.

CONTROLS (Keyboard / Controller)

Z / Left Stick:   Move forward                                S / Left Stick:   Move Backward 

Q / Left Stick:   Move Left                                        D / Left Stick:   Move Right  

F / Y(xbox controller):   Interact                          Space bar / A(xbox controller) :   Jump

Escape / Start :   Open menu


Average sessions:     5-10 min
Multiplayer:                 No
Language:                      French
Adult content:            No
Engine:                            Unreal Engine 4


Recommended PC Configuration :

  • Intel Core I7-7700HQ 2.80GHz
  • 8Go RAM
  • Carte graphique : GTX 1060 6Go
  • Espace disque nécessaire : 850 Mo

Minimal PC Configuration :

  • Intel Core I5
  • 8 Go RAM
  • GTX 960
  • Espace disque nécessaire : 850 Mo


Memoires_Oubliees.zip 694 MB

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