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ICHOR is a Graduation Video Game Prototype - June, 2019


Ichor is an asymetric VR Game where one player plays a melee fighter in VR and the other one plays a flying drone on PC. Together they have to defend the Ichor, the source of their life.

Gameplay :


Developer : Magic Goat
Release : June 21st
Game plateform : HTC VIVE - PC
Genre : VR Melee Wave Shooter
Language : English
Classification : PEGI 16 


Pierre Ministeri : Game Designer
Bérenger Quervel-Réaud : Game Artist

Thanks to :
Nicolas Brulard : Concept Art
Lucas Dziura : Texture Art
Trystan Sarrade : Engine Optimisation
Lionel Babikian : FX Concept

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder

2 – For VR player, Open VR folder and launch ICHOR.exe

3 – For PC player, Open PC folder and launch ICHOR.exe

4 - Enjoy and comment!



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