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Faceless is a Graduation Video Game Prototype - June, 2019

Faceless is a tactical game where the player incarnates an entity returning from exil to take his revenge against a Venice on the brink of madness. He must spread his influence by converting or killing the characters of his opponents.

Gameplay :


Developer : Sanatorium entertainment (Student Project) at ArtFX – Montpellier (France)
Release : June 2019
Game plateform : PC
Genre : Tactical
Language : English
Classification : PEGI 16 (Not Officialy Rated)  

FOURNIER Antoine – Producer Management  
ESTREICH Aymeric – Game Designer Lead Project, Scripter  
BABIKIAN Lionel – 2D Artist Lead Artist, Character Artist/FX  
BRULARD Nicolas –2D Artist Environment Artist/FX  
CHANE-HUNE Thomas –2D Artist UI/UX Designer  
BROQUE Cyril – Sound Designer Sound Design/Music  
TESTARDO Sarah – Animator  
NEUVILLE Lola – Animator

Install instructions

PC Version

1 - Unzip the folder
2 - Launch the “.exe” file.
3 - Enjoy and comment!

Tablet Version (Android only)

1 - Unzip the folder
2-Copy the .apk file on your Tablet
3- Launch the .apk from your tablet
4-Authorise the app.
5-Enjoy and comment!


Faceless_PC.zip 367 MB
FacelessTablet.zip 267 MB

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