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In Dorade l’exploratrice , you play as Sergey and Sveltana, a fisherman and  a scientist who work together to fish some seabream. The first player plays as  sergey, he can move his boat and fish the seabreams that are under his boat. The second player play as Sveltana, this scientist can deploy probes into the water to locate the fishes. They duo have to only fish big fishes and leave the little ones in order to win, To show fishermen (with the help of scientists) that it is important to give to the fish the time to grow and reproduce before fishing them.

The first play move the boat and press the button   "a"  of his controller to fish.

The second player move the aim and press the button "a" of his controller to deploy a probe.

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder

2 - Launch Dorade l’exploratrice.exe



Dorade l'exploratrice 455 MB

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