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Bloom is a Graduation Video Game Prototype - June, 2017


Bloom est un jeu d'ambiance horreur et d'infiltration en 2D de vue de côté, où le contrôle de lumière et l'ombre seront clé pour survivre. Vous jouez un télémarketeur qui subit un burn-out et se réveille perdu dans un monde contemporain affecté par sa propre folie où chaque sentiments deviendront un danger pour lui. Plongez dans une aventure ombragée, silencieuse et fouiller dans votre pensée la plus sombre avec des environnements de style comics.

Bloom is a 2D side view horror ambience game with stealth gameplay, where the control of light and shadow will be key to survive. You play as a middle-aged telemarketer who is currently doing a burnout and wake up lost in contemporary world affected by his own madness where each feelings will become a danger for himself. Dive into a shadowy adventure told through voiceless storytelling and delves into your darkest thought with comic style environments. 


Developer : Team Iron JellyFish (student project) ArtFX - Montpellier (France)
Release : June 2017
Game plateform : PC
Genre : Adventure / Stealth
Language : English (menus) ; Game without text or voice
PEGI 12+ (not officially rated)


Jerome AUDIGIER - Game Design
Lou CORTES - Game Artist
Manuel DI MEO - Game Design
Olivier BABU - Game Artist

Install instructions

1- Unzip the folder

2- (optionnal: plug an xbox 360 controller or xboxone controller)

 3- Launch ARTFX2017_Bloom_501.exe

4- Enjoy!


ArtFX_3JV_2017_Bloom.zip 615 MB


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It would be really great to play this game, the art style at the menu looks fantastic and the premise sounds really cool, but I can't get past the loading screen after starting a new game, it hust crashes every time. At first I thought maybe it was just some code to stop me from recording it because it crashed my recording program at the same time, but it even crashed while I didn't have that open. Hope it gets fixed soon.