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How can I change control to awsd 

game is little size and why game is freezing in play.. can i fix that 


For the keyboard control, you'll have to change it via Windows. ( this game has been made by french student and we have a specific set in our keyboard that is available as standard keyboard in Windows.

For the size, you'll have to check Full screen in the parameter menu of the Game.

Seems like a fun and interesting game, but it won't start downloading. Does anyone know what's wrong?

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If you have an ad blocker the google drive pop up doesn't pop.

why will it not start downloading?

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If you have an ad blocker the google drive pop up doesn't pop.

Quite awesome!

Figured out how to swap my keyboard layouts, so thanks for inadvertently teaching me how to do so. However, while the game looks remarkably beautiful, the assets, level design and textures, the gameplay is in no way passable. The controls for the drone and tank are unwieldy at best and non functional at worst, the enemies completely ignore the drone making for absolutely no challenge and the tank is so slow and hard to aim it is utterly useless. To me, this seems like an artwork and effects showcase with the bare minimum in terms of gameplay added in order to call it a game. On top of this, the game does not allow enough time to read the intro blurb meaning I had to quit multiple times to load back in to read the whole thing, it runs at about 25-30 fps on the lowest settings and has crashed on me multiple times. I understand this can sound a bit harsh but I overwhelmingly prefer a game with ok visuals and interesting gameplay over a beautiful game with poor gameplay.