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Lost in Tide is a Graduation Video Game Prototype - June, 2019


Lost in Tide is an exploration and survival game with a stressful gameplay based on tides behavior in a flooded building. You play Colin in an apocalyptic setup where you'll need to gather ressources, new crew members, and sneak past scavengers.

Gameplay :


Developer : Lost It Entertainment (Student Project) ArtFx Montpellier, France Release : June 2019
Game plateform : PC
Genre : Survival, Exploration
Language : English
Classification : PEGI 12


Game Artist : Yohann REHFUSS – Game Art / Communication  

Game Designer : Noah AMAT – Game Design      

External Help

Cyril BROQUE – Sound Design
Theo MILTON – Sound Design
Trystan SARRADE – Game Art
Lisa RIPPERT – Animation
Elise BOURGEOIS – Animation
Théo FRATISSIER – Animation
Marie MENGUY – Animation
Antoine FOURNIER - Producer

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder

2 - Launch LostInTide.exe

3 - Enjoy and comment!


LostInTide_GOLD.zip 161 MB