A downloadable game for Windows

Lohaka is a Graduation Video Game Prototype - June, 2018


In Lohaka you play as Althua, a half bird, half reptilians creature.  Your main goal is to explore seas and underwater to find and gather resources. You will have to prepare yourself to cross the cyclone that surrounding your island.

Dans Lohaka, vous incarnez Althua, une créature mi-oiseau, mi-reptilienne. Votre objectif principal sont les mers et les océans pour trouver et rassembler des ressources. Vous devrez vous préparer à traverser le cyclone qui entoure votre île.


Developer : Team Sanctuary (student project) ArtFX - Montpellier (France)

Release : June 2018

Game plateform : PC

Genre : Adventure

Language : English ; Game with text but no voice 

PEGI 12 (not officially rated)


Clément DURANTI - Directeur Technique

Océane CLEUET - Game Artist

Audrey LECSO - Game Artist

Robin LOISEL - Game Artist

Jordan ROUS - Game Artist

Laura GUIBERT - Game Designer

Adrien PINNA - Game Designer

Roman ALARCON - Sound Designer

Théo TRUCHARD - Sound Designer

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the folder

2 - Optionnal: plug an xbox 360 controller or xboxone controller

3 - Launch Lohaka_UE.exe

4 - Enjoy & comment!

/!\ CAUTION /!\

It can happen that after embody a fish, they move alone / or get stuck in collisions.
If this happens to you, just disembody and re-embody the same fish.

It can happen that the UI are overlaped.

It can happen that even after collect the object for the main quest (Crystal Perl, which is a purple pearl)
The "Quest Successful" notification does not appear, however the quest is fullfil and you can return to the boat without problems.